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New 2024 Tax Brackets

December 18, 2023

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The IRS is introducing new income limits for its seven tax brackets, adjusting the thresholds to account for the impact of inflation. That could provide a break to some taxpayers on their taxes in 2024.

The tax agency on Thursday said it's adjusting the tax brackets upwards by 5.4%, relying on a formula based on the consumer price index, which tracks the costs of a basket of goods and services typically bought by consumers. The 2024 limits come after the IRS last year expanded its tax brackets by a historically large 7%, reflecting last year's high inflation.

The IRS adjusts tax brackets annually — as well as many other provisions, such as retirement fund contribution limits — to counter the impact of inflation. That can help avoid so-called "bracket creep," or when workers are pushed into higher tax brackets due to cost-of-living adjustments or raises even though their standard of living may have remained the same. 

Workers can also get a break if more of their taxable income falls into a lower bracket as a result of the higher thresholds. Taxpayers will file their 2024 taxes in early 2025.

Tax brackets

The IRS increased its tax brackets by about 5.4% for each type of tax filer for 2024, such as those filing separately or as married couples.